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eputy central ban▓k governor said Tuesday.The label not only violates the common sense of econ▓omics and inter▓national consensu▓s but fails to meet th▓e quantitative criteria f▓or the so-called "currency manipulator" set by the U.S. Depa

rtment of ▓the Treasury, said Chen Yulu, deputy▓ governor of the P▓eople's Bank of▓ China (P

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U.S. decision

to label Chi

na currenc

▓y manipulator to

BOC).China has ▓never resorted to ▓competitive devaluation and will not use currency as a tool for compe▓tition, according to Chen.During the 199▓7 Asian financial crisis and the 2008 global financia▓l crisis, China was committe▓d to keeping the currency stable, which contributed tremendously to the global ec

tally wrong: PBOCU.S. decision to label China currency manipulator

onomic recovery and stabilization of the i▓nternational financial m▓arket, Chen

t▓otally wrong: PBO▓CU.S. decision to label C▓hina currency manipu

said.Sin▓ce China's currency reform in 2005, the yuan's no▓minal exchange rate

lator ▓totally wrong: PBOC08-07-20▓19 10:00 BJTBEIJING, Aug. 6 --

and real exchange rate have appreciated around 40 percent. Meanwhile, ▓the cou

ntry's curr▓ent account surplus decline▓d to 0.4 perce

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